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The Call of Solitude

When was the last time you answered the call of your solitude?

I hope today's poem inspires you this week to take that extra time for you, whenever you feel the need to.

You deserve the same goodwill, kindness and quality care that you so generously give to others, to the world.

May your heart rest at ease this week, knowing you'll show up to attend to its deeper needs whenever you hear its silent call.

I personally use journaling to reconnect to my deeper self and I'm usually prompted by a sense of scatteredness, as if something from deeper inside wants me to reconnect to my centre and bring all the threads back together.

How does your heart speak to you, when it calls you back home? What supports you to show up to this call?

I wish you a good week :)

Bristena G. Mantu, Psychosynthesis Therapist & Poet

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