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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we begin counselling / psychotherapy?



Once you submit your intake form, found at the bottom of my counselling & therapy page, we will book a free 20 min phone or video introductory call. This call will allow you to get a sense of my personality, and you can ask any questions about the counselling & therapy process or the way I work. It is essential that you feel comfortable with your choice of counsellor or psychotherapist, so this initial call will help you get a feel for how we connect.


If you feel comfortable continuing, we will book your first session when you can tell me about your issue in more depth. You will also experience my work style, enabling you to decide whether you wish to commit to a working agreement. At that point, any outstanding questions you might have about my contract (to be read beforehand) will also be answered.


At the end of the first session, you will be asked to decide within a week if you wish to commit to working together. I will be able to offer you a weekly slot at the same time every week that will be just for you (I offer some flexibility wherever possible if you need to reschedule once in a while). 


Once the working agreement is set, the next two sessions will focus on your personality, background, relationships and life context. I will then offer suggestions for a course of treatment and direction of our work together, to be regularly reviewed and adjusted based on the evolving issues. ​

2. How do we meet, how long is a session, and how much does it cost?


I offer online sessions via Zoom or in person in a treatment space in Nunhead (SE15 London). Sessions last one hour.


Please note that I am under ongoing supervision by accredited supervisors as a psychotherapist in training. All your personal information is kept secure and confidential. 


My current rate is £65 per weekly session. I kindly request payment 24 hr before each session is scheduled.  



3. How long does psychosynthesis counselling / psychotherapy last?


There are no set timeframes for counselling / psychotherapy. Each therapeutic relationship is unique. To ensure integrity and stable results, I work mainly with clients seeking long-term work (6 months minimum). The contract is open-ended. Along the way, I offer regular reviews where we reflect on your progress and establish future courses of action. When you're ready to end counselling / psychotherapy, I require at least four weeks' notice. This period of time will support you in tying up loose ends and reflecting on the wonderful work we will hopefully do together. 



4. How do cancellations work?

​During your first session, we will discuss my cancellation policy in more detail. Here are the basic requirements: I require notice of cancellations seven days before our sessions. For cancellations within seven days (excluding emergency cases beyond the individual's control), a full session price cancellation fee is incurred as a sole trader in private practice. Agreement to this clause is required to begin working together.

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