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Interviews & Conversations



A brilliant conversation with Tom Fortes Mayer, published author, international speaker, Harley St therapist, creator of the award-winning FreeMind App and founder of the FreeMind Project Charity. We address the importance of creativity and self-expression, the fundamentals of psychospiritual psychology and the role of the individual in universal evolution.


An inspiring interview hosted by Jules de Vitto, Transpersonal Coach and founder of the Highly Sensitive Human Academy. We talk about the lived experience of being a highly sensitive person and our shared passion and interest in the transpersonal. I reminisced about a decisive moment in my childhood when I discovered the power of poetry as a healing remedy for an aching heart. I also talk about the inspiration behind the poems published in "Inner Callings - a pilgrim's diary" and my life-changing experience on the Camino de Santiago in Spain in the summer of 2019.


A light-hearted conversation with Harry Matadeen, author and founder of Holistic Health with Harry, where I share a few poems, including "Insanely Beautiful", the inspiration behind it, as well as some words of encouragement and inspiration for anyone in need of an extra boost of belief in themselves, their potential and the pursuit of their dreams.


For Romanian speakers: a conversation with Daniela Gumann, author and cultural activist, about my story of leaving my home country, as well as some of the highlights of my personal and professional journey ever since. / Pentru vorbitorii de limba română: o conversație cu Daniela Gumann, autoare și activistă culturală, despre povestea plecării mele din țara natală, cât și despre cele mai importante momente ale călătoriei personale și professionale de atunci. 

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