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Self-Reflective Prompts to Begin Dreaming Again

If you're stuck in a rut and need some inspiration to spark up your week, months or years ahead, here's some useful self-reflective prompts to help you get to the heart of what might be longing to emerge from deep within you.

1. If I allowed myself to dream out loud, without becoming attached to these dreams necessarily turning into reality, where would mind take me?

2. In what areas of my life am I holding myself back from receiving more abundance, joy or fulfilment?

3. Who do I see myself becoming, if I dared to envision a brighter and shinier version of myself?

4. If my longing to create something new in my life could speak, what would it have to say?

5. What resources, allies or strengths do I need to rely upon to take one step closer to manifesting a new reality?

6. What could support me in staying committed to actualising this next level of my life?

7. If my future self, who's already experiencing this new reality, could offer a piece of guidance, wisdom or advice, what would she/he have to say?

Save these prompts to return to whenever you need a boost of inspiration, or permission to dream again!

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