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Ode to Poetry

What's your favourite means of expressing yourself?

Mine is poetry! I write poetry because it helps me transmute painful feelings into heartfelt wisdom.

I write poetry because my ancestors were writing poetry too, whenever they were touched by a glimmer of hope during dark nights, or a spark of the divine in human form.

I write because it helps me remember that beauty surrounds me at every step, if only I opened my eyes and really saw all there is.

I write poetry because it helps me shed old skins and always, yes always... it always shows me the way forward.

I am sharing all of this because I believe there's an artist in each and every one of us, waiting to come out, if warmly invited and allowed.

I find healing expressions, whether through writing, drawing, dancing or singing are massively beneficial in improving our emotional fluency and overcoming difficult states of mind.

Carl Jung came up with the concept of "creative illness", using the word illness to refer to psychological distress, and a sign that the elements of our psyche are not in homeostatic balance, or we're stuck. He believed that inner turmoil can, through a process of psychological integration, lead to creative reinvention of the self.

What helps you remember to rediscover your soul's favourite expression? Let me know in the comments below.

I love helping creatives overcome mental or emotional block preventing their creativity from shining more freely through.

Bristena G. Mantu, Psychosynthesis Therapist & Poet

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