Restoring Wholeness

"In a world where we have not dealt with our shadows, where the split of body and mind, light and dark, persona and shadow have led to the threatening devastation of the nuclear arms race, our way to recovering wholeness and sanity is only by means of healing these splits." (A.H. Almaas, The Void)

I devote my life to recovering wholeness in everyone I meet and my tools are psychospiritual poetry & counselling, as well as friendship and loving presence. I ask the Universe to send those who are ready to receive these my way, and especially to join my upcoming poetry performance & book launch event on the 20th. Friends, please help to spread the word about my event and co-create a resonant field where wholeness and sanity are being restored🙏💗

I witness with appreciation many who are offering their own unique medicine, sourced from their specific gifts and talents. Which one is yours?

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