Open to the Light

"Open yourself open yourself, sweet child of mine and let the light flood through your being This vibrant, golden, melting, healing light of the divine is your legacy to receive, to be redeemed by, to pour into the world this sacred flame forever burning at the core of your existence remember your true face and allow yourself to be filled with this bright light of pure delight Yes, take it all in, let every cell of your being absorb this potent medicine, let your feelings be soothed and transformed, let your mind be cleared and revealed in its deepest darkest secrets, for there is nothing you still need to hide in the face of this ever-lasting, ever-forgiving light..." On the 20th of June, at my poetry performance & book launch, we will open together to the light and allow it to illuminate that which is ready to be cleansed and released from our system, so we can be freer, brighter, happier together 🧡💛💚 Book your spot now!

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